Fontrast is a tool designed to create high quality textures from Windows TrueType fonts. These textures can be incorporated into your own Direct3D or OpenGL applications, to produce beautifully rendered, smooth-looking text.


  • Produce textures from any TrueType font installed on your system
  • Apply styles such as Bold or Italic
  • Create pixel-accurate versions of fonts as they appear in Windows, or supersample up to 8x for perfect antialiasing
  • Customisable character proportions and spacing
  • Generate textures in BMP, JPG, PNG, RAW and TGA formats, in a variety of bit depths and compression modes.
  • Where supported by your chosen image format, generate an alpha channel for smooth blending with background graphics
  • Output offset tables in easy-to-read ASCII/Unicode (text) or compact binary formats
  • Flexible character set support. Simply select from predefined character groups and/or create your own custom character set from ASCII or Unicode text files (Unicode format requires Windows 2000, XP or later)


Operating system Windows XP or later is recommended.
Earlier versions are supported, but lack some Unicode features.
Hard disk space 4MB
Memory Memory requirements are minimal.

To be sure Fontrast will run on your system, please download and evaluate the trial version before purchasing.


The main interface

From here you can define the font name, size and colour, and configure the rendering settings. The lower part of the dialog contains the output options, which allow you to choose the format of the image files and the coordinate data.

A sample texture page

This 512x512 texture was produced using the highest level of supersampling (8x8) to produce smoothly anti-aliased characters. Please view the full-size version to see the exact output. The red magnification box has been added to give a better view of the output.

A sample texture page

Generated from a Unicode file containing English and Russian text.

A sample texture page

Generated from a Unicode file containing English and Japanese text.


The Fontrast user manual is available online. If you have already installed Fontrast, you may view the manual offline by selecting "Manual" from the Fontrast folder on the Start Menu.

View manual Fontrast Manual (view online)


You can download the fully featured trial version of Fontrast using the link below. You may evaluate the trial version for up to 30 days. If you find it useful, please buy a license to enjoy unlimited use. Buying a license also entitles you to all future updates free of charge.

Download Download Fontrast Trial Version (1.2MB)

Latest version: 1.3

Features improved handling of East Asian fonts, command-line support for batch processing and minor bug fixes. If you already have a licensed copy of Fontrast, simply download and install to upgrade to the latest version free of charge.

Buy a license

Buying a license for Fontrast entitles you to unlimited use, unwatermarked output, and all future updates at no extra cost. If you have not already done so, please download and evaluate the trial version before purchasing.

License type Price (US dollars) Click to buy via Paypal
Single-user license
Keycode delivered by email
US $15
5-user license
Keycode delivered by email
US $60


Online resources which may be of interest to Fontrast users.


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